34 Special Trains Services Extended by Indian Railways: Details

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34 Special Trains Services Extended by Indian Railways Details
34 Special Trains Services Extended by Indian Railways Details

34 Special Trains Services Extended by Indian Railways: Details. East Central Railway (ECR) has made an announcement that it is extending service of 34 special trains for the convenience of passengers travelling in trains. The decision comes in order to meet the increasing travel demand during summer and enable stranded passengers in different places to reach their native places in Bihar from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Kolkata, Guwahati and other parts of the country.

In a release, the ECR has also advised passengers to adhere to all norms, protocols and rules related to COVID 19 and also the SOPs related to Covid-19 during the boarding of train, travel, and at the destination stations. For detailed information regarding timings of halts of the corresponding trains, passengers are advised to visit www.enquiry.indianrail.gov.in or can check the details in NTES APP.

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34 Trains Complete List

Train Number.Train NameDate
09011 Udhna-Danapur special train May 24.
09012 Danapur-Udhna special train  May 26.
09049 Mumbai Central-Samastipur Special train  May 22, 24, 25 and 27.
09050 Samastipur-Mumbai Central Special train  May 24, 26, 27 and 29.
09601 Bandra Terminus-Barauni Special train  May 24.
09602 Barauni-Bandra Terminus Special train  May 27.
09117 Mumbai Central-Bhagalpur Special Train May 21.
09118 Bhagalpur-Mumbai Central Special Train May 24.
09129 Vadodara Jn.-Danapur special train  May 24
09130 Danapur-Vadodara Jn. train  May 25.
09175 Mumbai Central-Bhagalpur Special Train May 23.
09176 Bhagalpur-Mumbai Central Special Train May 25.
09177 Mumbai Central-Bhagalpur Special Train May 26.
09178 Bhagalpur-Mumbai Central Special Train May 29.
09181 Bandra Terminus-Danapur special train  May 25.
09182 Danapur-Vadodara special train  May 27.
09303 Dr. Ambedkaranagar-Guwahati Special Train May 28.
09304 Guwahati-Dr. The Ambedkarnagar Special Train May 31.
09413 Ahmedabad-Kolkata special train May 26.
09414 Kolkata-Ahmedabad special train May 29.
09453 Ahmedabad-Samastipur special train  May 30.
09454 Samastipur-Ahmedabad special train  June 2.
09467 Ahmedabad-Danapur Special Train  May 23.
09468 Danapur-Ahmedabad Special Train  May 25.
09501 Okha-Guwahati Special Train May 21.
09502 Guwahati-Okha Special train May 24.
09521 Rajkot-Samastipur Special train  May 26.
09522 Samastipur-Rajkot special train  May 29.
09135 Surat-Bhagalpur Special Train May 19.
09136 Bhagalpur-Ratlam Special Train May 20.
09429 Ahmedabad-Muzaffarpur special train  May 17.
09430 Muzaffarpur-Ahmedabad special train  May 18.
09435 Ahmedabad-Danapur special train  May 20.
09436 Ahmedabad-Danapur special train May 22.

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