Canada extends flight ban on India

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Canada extends flight ban on India
Canada extends flight ban on India

Canada extends flight ban on India. Canada has now extended a ban on direct flights from India until June 21, 2021. Recently the country has also banned non-essential travel from the USA.

Flight ban from India is the cause of increasing COVID 19 cases in India. Canada has also banned flights from many other countries including Pakistan. The ban which was supposed to be lifted on Saturday has further been extended again for 30 more days.

However, it is still possible to travel to Canada via another country from India. But one would need to follow the second country’s quarantine and COVID guidelines. They might even need to quarantine and take multiple covid tests to enter Canada.

The Transport Minister claimed in a press statement, “I can say that we’ve seen a significant reduction in the number of positive cases of COVID-19 arriving from international flights since this restriction was put in place.”

Non-essential travel has already been put on hold since a year now owing to the COVID 19 virus. Air Canada has also banned direct flights from India earlier.

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