Coronavirus: Goa declares complete lockdown for 4 days

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Goa Lockdown

In order to follow the Break The Chain campaign for COVID 19 in the state, the government of Goa on Wednesday has announced a strict and complete lockdown for 4 days from 7 pm of April 29 (Thursday) to the morning of May 3 (Monday).

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant claimed that the essential services and industries will not be shut down during the lockdown period of 4 days while he addressed a press conference on Wednesday

“Lockdown would be imposed from Thursday evening 7 pm till Monday morning in the coastal state to break the chain of COVID-19 infection. Goa had been reporting more than 2,000 new infections on a daily basis this week,” Sawant mentioned during his address.

The industrial services will continue during the period but the weekly markets, which are organised at various places here, will not be allowed, he added. This could be due to the fact that the markets gets very busy and crowded with people and there is a big chance of COVID spreading.

The Chief Minister also mentioned that the casual laborers should not be worried as the shutdown will be lifted on Monday morning and business would be run as usual. It is not something to be concerned about since it is only for 4 days.

The state administration is supposed to issue a detailed notification by Thursday evening, CM acclaimed.
CM has also requested the common people to take necessary precautions and start treatment immediately if there are any symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

“The government has already modified its COVID-19 treatment protocol, which offers medicines at the time of testing without waiting for the results. The vaccination centres will continue to function during the lockdown and people get the jab after prior appointment,” Sawant mentioned.

The Chief Minister has also mentioned that the Casinos would be shut down during the said period.

(Source: ANI)

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