Indian Railway Cancels 19 Special Trains Due To Less Passengers : Full List

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Indian Railways Cancels 19 Special Trains due to less passengers. Indian Railways has been hit badly by the second wave of corona virus. Due to strict guidelines and lock downs in multiple states, the passengers travelling in trains has been reduced to a very low number. Hence, the western railways has cancelled 19 special trains till further notice. The decision came due to low passenger load amidst the huge spike of COVID cases in the country.

The railways have already canceled 28 pairs (56 Trains) of long-distance special train services due to poor occupancy before.

2 trains were canceled on 9 May, 2021. From today till May 16, 17 more trains will be canceled till further notice.

According to a press release issued by Sumit Thakur- Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Rly, details of the special trains which have been canceled are as follows

Train NoTrain NameCancellation From – Upto
09013/09014 Bandra Terminus – Bhusaval Khandesh Special09.05.21 Till Further Advice
09415Ahmedabad – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Special 09.05.21 Till Further Advice
09233 Bandra Terminus – Jaipur Superfast Special10.05.21 Till Further Advice
09220 Ahmedabad – MGR Chennai Central Superfast Special10.05.21 Till Further Advice
09424 Gandhidham – Tirunelveli Festival Special 10.05.21 Till Further Advice
09234Jaipur – Bandra Terminus Special 11.05.21 Till Further Advice
09055Valsad – Jodhpur Special 11.05.21 Till Further Advice
09332 lndore – Kochuveli Special 11.05.21 Till Further Advice
09416 Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra – Ahmedabad Special11.05.21 Till Further Advice
09219 MGR Chennai Central – Ahmedabad Superfast Special12.05.21 Till Further Advice
02908 Hapa – Madgaon Superfast Special12.05.21 Till Further Advice
09056 Jodhpur – Valsad Special12.05.21 Till Further Advice
 09043 Bandra Terminus – Bhagat -Ki-Kothi Special 13.05.21 Till Further Advice
09423 Tirunelveli – Gandhidham Festival Special 13.05.21 Till Further Advice
09262 Porbandar – Kochuveli Special 13.05.21 Till Further Advice
02907 Madgaon – Hapa Superfast Special 14.05.21 Till Further Advice
09044 Bhagat-Ki-Kothi Sandra Terminus Special 14.05.21 Till Further Advice
09331 Kochuveli – lndore Special 14.05.21 Till Further Advice
09261 Kochuveli – Porbandar Special15.05.21 Till Further Advice

It may also be noted that recently the North Western Railway (NWR) has canceled 40 trains due to low passengers caused by the situation arising from COVID-19.

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