‘KSRTC’ Belongs To Kerala Only And Not Karnataka

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KSRTC Ordinary Service Bus
‘KSRTC’ for Kerala Only and Not Karnataka

‘KSRTC’ for Kerala Only and Not Karnataka : Travel Techies Exclusive Kerala News. From now onwards, only Kerala State Road Transport Corporation can use the abbreviation ‘KSRTC’. Karnataka will no longer be allowed to use the term ‘KSRTC’. The Central Trade Marks Registry announced its final verdict on Wednesday. After the decades old legal battle over intellectual property rights, the Kerala Road Transport Corporation has got the legal right to its trademarks — abbreviation KSRTC, the logo of two elephants and the name Anavandi — associated with the state-run transport corporation.

The transport corporations of the two states Kerala and Karnataka, have been commonly using the five-letter acronym ‘KSRTC’ on their buses since decades. The name ‘KSRTC’ had become a brand since there are many fans for the services as well as it has become the life of many people since people depends on these public transport systems for their daily commute.

The legal battle started in 1994 when Karnataka issued a notice to Kerala against the use of ‘KSRTC’, claiming that they had secured the trademark on it. Kerala approached the Trade Marks Registry, saying they were the first to use the brand ‘KSRTC’ on their buses. 

Even till today, buses and websites of both states’ RTCs use the term KSRTC. The decision by the Central Trade Marks Registry is likely to end the confusion among people to know which one is the real KSRTC among the two.

After 27 years of legal battle, the Trade Marks Registry ruled in favour of Kerala and mentioned that ‘KSRTC’ belongs to the Kerala’s RTC. The state also secured ownership of the most famous nickname of the bus service among malayalees and keralates – ‘Aanavandi’. 

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is one of the oldest operated and managed public transport service in India.. It was formed in the year 1965, though its journey began during the British rule when Travancore State Transport Department (TSTD) was constituted. Karnataka started using the abbreviation of KSRTC only from the year 1973. 

“The history of KSRTC is intertwined with the lives of people of the state. It is not just a transport service, but has left the legacy of public transport in our cultural life including films and literature. It is not something that can be erased so easily. It is a pleasure to know that the Trade Mark Registry recognised the state’s claim. It is a victory for KSRTC and I congratulate all officials involved in the effort,” claimed Kerala Transport Minister Antony Raju.

“Only we have the right to use the acronym KSRTC. We will send a notice to Karnataka,” said KSRTC CMD Biju Prabhakar. “We have followed the registration application closely in the last one year. We have presented pictures and other evidence to prove that we have indeed started ahead of Karnataka.”

KSRTC MD and Kerala Transport Secretary Biju Prabhakar said a notice would now be sent to Karnataka Transport Corporation, asking them to stop using the brand name on their buses.

The CMD also mentioned that KSRTC will start to send notices to people using the trademark name, Anavandi. There are many popular blogs using the name. With the name in custody, KSRTC can claim money for using its trademark, said Biju Prabhakar.

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