List of Asian Countries that Banned Indian Travelers

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This post by Travel Techies is about the List of Asian Countries that Banned Indian Travelers. Due to the second wave of COVID 19 cases in India, increasing day by day. During this time, several countries has banned travelers from India and also banned Indian flights from entering their country. Starting from UAE to Singapore including Maldives, many Asian countries have banned Indians tourists from entering their country.

Below is the list of those Asian countries which have put a ban on Indian Travelers :

United Arab Emirates

Downtown Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates banned all flights coming from India except cargo flights. UAE has recently banned entry of travelers from the countries Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka as well.


Bathala Maldives 8

Maldives being one of the most favorite travel destinations of Indians, has now put up a restriction to Indian travelers completely. Maldives is no longer issuing tourists visas to Indian travelers till further notice.


1200px All major buildings in kuwait in one shot by irvin calicut

Kuwait has banned all flights from India starting from April 24, 2021. Kuwaiti Directorate General of Civil Aviation said that all the travelers who are arriving from India either directly or by connecting flights won’t be allowed to enter the country if they have not spent at least 14 days in quarantine outside of India before enterring Kuwait.


Bird migration Tehran Iran 9 December 2019 6

Iran has banned all flights from India. Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran, said, “The Indian coronavirus is a new threat we face. The Indian virus is more dangerous than the English and Brazilian variants”.


1200px Jakarta Indonesia Central Bank of Indonesia 03

Indonesia has decided to stop issuing visas to those who travelled to India in the past 14 days. However, there is an exemption for Indonesian citizens who are returning from India.



Japan is the last country in the list to ban Indian travelers. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has announced a complete ban on flights from 152 countries, that includes India as well. The decision was taken in view of the rising numbers of the highly contagious COVID-19 variant found in India.

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