List Of Countries That Banned Travellers From India

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List Of Countries That Banned Travellers From India
List Of Countries That Banned Travellers From India

Travel Techies post on List Of Countries That Banned Travellers From India : Due to the recent surge of Covid-19 coronavirus cases in India and the COVID 19 second wave, most of the countries have banned travelers from India as well as special guidelines and advisory for those who are travelling from India. Even though the ban has been put forward, there are special conditions where travel is possible, like those who are the citizens or hold national card in the destination countries could still travel from India following the COVID 19 guidelines. Below is the complete list of countries banned travelers/flights from India specially done by Travel Techies team :-

UAE– The United Arab Emirates has banned all flights from India except Cargo flights for 10 days from April 24/25 midnights. But the ban is now extended till 14th June, 2021.

Iran– Iran banned travellers from India from Sunday midnight of April 26, 2021 onwards .

Kuwait– Kuwait banned all flights from India from April 24, 2021 onwards, except cargo flights

Indonesia– The country has decided not to issue Visas to travelers from India those who are Indian citizens as well as any foreigners who have visited India during the past 14 days.

France– France have allowed travellers from India. But the travelers will have to undergo the mandatory COVID test on their arrival apart from pre-boarding RT-PCR test done before 48 hours of departure.

USA– USA issued a travel advisory to their citizens for visiting India. United Airlines has suspended all its flight operation to India citing administrative reasons. Later the airlines resumed flight operation and operated two flights i.e UA-899 (Delhi-Chicago) and UA-868 (Delhi-San Francisco). However US citizens who are in India still have an option to fly back.

Israel– It has issued travel advisory to their citizens for visiting India from April last week onwards.

UK– United Kingdom added India in its travel “Red list”. It bans all travel from the country and makes 10 days hotel quarantine mandatory for all UK and Irish citizens returning from India. All flights have been suspended till further notice.

Hong Kong– The country has suspended all flights from India from April 20 till May 31, 2021.

 Singapore– Singapore has banned all long term pass holders and short term visitors, who have travelled to India within the last 14 days from entry or transit via Singapore from April 24, 2021 onwards.

Canada– The country suspended all flights from India for 30 days starting from the intervening night of April 23/24. However, the country has extended the ban for another 30 days and the ban on Indian travelers is put up till 21st June 2021.

Australia- Australian Government has banned all incoming flights from India from April 21,2021 till May 15, 2021.

New Zealand– The country banned flights from India till further notice.

Maldives– Health Protection Agency of Maldives has announced the suspension of tourist visas for multiple countries that includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka starting from 13th May 2021. From 3rd May 2021, all inbound travelers to Maldives are required to produce negative PCR test results, with the sample taken not more than 96 hours before departure.

Germany– Germany banned passengers from India from April 26, 2021 onwards with some restrictions and exceptions. It has classified India as a Virus Variant country. Exception of travel ban granted to citizens of Germany, Permanent resident, transit person only staying at airport, cargo flights, person travelling due to urgent humanitarian reasons and person travelling by the order of IAEA, UNO.

Bangladesh-From April 26, 2021 onwards, entry of Indians into Bangladesh from India through Air/ Rail/ Land has been banned with certain exceptions has been extended till May 9. Flight operations from Dhaka have been already suspended since April 14. However, cargo movement is permitted.

Qatar– Qatar authorities have issued travel advisory effective April 25 asking all those passengers travelling to Qatar are required to present negative RT-PCR test report at the Indian departure airport. The test report should be validated and certified from an ICMR accredited lab and conducted within 72 hours prior to the schedule time of arrival in Qatar.

Bahrain– Effective from May 24, 2021, Bahrain has suspended entry for travelers arriving from red list countries which includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. However, the ban is not applicable for residents and residency visa holders of Bahrain. Those under the exception can travel following the strict COVID guidelines.

Italy– Italy, effective from April 26, put forward restriction for Indians’ entry into Italy. Only the residents of Italy will be allowed to return from India with a negative test report at the time of departure and will have to undergo quarantine upon arrival in the country.

Oman– Oman banned Indian travelers from April 24, 2021, till any further orders. Only Oman citizens, Diplomats, Health care workers and their families will be allowed to return from India with a valid COVID 19 RT-PCR negative test report at the time of departure and will have to undergo quarantine upon arrival.

Djibouti- According to the Government of Djibouti, Djibouti has restricted the entry of all travelers coming from India to Djibouti.

Apart from the ban on India, Indian flight carriers have also stopped the flights to these banned countries until and unless the ban by these countries get lifted. Stay Home and Stay Safe!

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