Goa Airport To Remain Closed During Night Time Until September 8

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Goa Airport To Remain Closed During Night Time Until September 8. Flight operations during night time at the Goa airport will be closed till September 8, 2021 since the runway is closed for modernization, a senior official said. The Goa airport is part of the INS Hansa Base at Vasco town in Goa.

Spokesman of Indian navy claimed that the modernization work has begun from May 8, 2021 onward which will continue until September 8, 2021. The runway will remain closed for all the traffic from 10 pm in the night till 6:30 am in the morning(2200 hours to 0630 hours)

The modernization work is being executed by Tata Power SED and will be carried out during night hours to have minimal impact on civil aircraft operations and to make it easy for the travelers.

Goa Airport Director Gagan Malik said the closure won’t have much impact on the civilian flight operations and it will continue to run as usual mostly. He also mentioned that the modernization is being done at this time since, most of the flights have been cancelled or rescheduled and there is very less air traffic compared to other times of the year and when the pandemic was well controlled. Gagan Malik also claimed that the night time closure could have 10% reduction in the flights and travelers.

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