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Chamundi Hills is one of the must visit places if you are in Mysore, Karnataka. Named after the goddess Chamundi, the Chamundeshwari Temple sits atop the main hill(Chamundi Hills). The main hill itself features an ancient stone stairway of 1,008 steps leading to its summit. Approximately halfway to the summit is statue of bull Nandi, the vahana, or “vehicle” of Lord Shiva, which is 4.9 m tall and 7.6 m long and carved out of a single piece of black granite. Around this point, the steps become significantly less steep and eventually the climber is rewarded with a panoramic view of the city. – Watch the video on YouTube! Subscribe us on YouTube!

About Chamundeshwari Temple

The Temple has a quadrangular structure. A key feature is the statue of Mahishasura bearing a sword in his right hand and a cobra in the left. Within the temple’s sanctum stands a sculpted depiction of Chamundeshwari. She is seated with her right heel pressed against the lowest of the seven chakras. This cross-legged yogic posture echoes the posture of Lord Shiva. Worshipers believe that this powerful yogic posture, if mastered, provides an added dimensional view of the universe.

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Since the early days of the Maharajahs of Mysore, the idol of goddess Chamundi has been carried on a decorated elephant as part of the celebrations in the annual Dusshera festival.

From the peak of the Chamundi hills, the Mysore Palace, the Karanji Lake and several smaller temples are visible.

The best view at the top of of Chamundi Hills is the mist covered view. Unfortunately we missed it during our visit since it was a hot sunny day out there. However, the temparature at Mysore was varying between 18-21 degree celcisus at the time of our visit.

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