Rode Wireless Go Unboxing and Review in Malayalam | Best Wireless Mic for Content Creators

In this video, I am showing the Rode Wireless Go Unboxing and Review in Malayalam. I got it for an offer price as a combined bundle of Rode Wireless Go and Rode Lavalier Go from a website fotocentreindia. I had checked many other shopping sites. But due to higher price and non availability, I decided to buy from this site. The combo bundle of Rode Wireless Go and Rode Lavalier Go costed around Rs.20,000/-

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In this video, I am showing the unboxing of this combo pack and the initial review. I have tested the line of sight range of the mic and also shows the audio comparison from the camera internal mic, the internal mic of rode wireless go and the rode lavalier go microphone.

Rode Wireless Go is a wireless mic that operates at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz. It mainly consists of a very small and portable transmitter and receiver which can work up to 7 hours. It can be recharged with USB C cables simultaneously and can be used while charging also. This mic is very useful for people like me who want good quality audio even while traveling, while going to crowded areas etc. The transmitter can easily be clipped to our shirt/tshirt and the receiver sits on the hot shoe mount of the camera.

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Rode Lavalier Go is a lapel mic designed especially for use with Rode Wireless go with professional grade audio. It can be coupled with Rode Wireless Go or used alone with camera or mobile phones.

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