How Tea is Manufactured? | Munnar Tea Factory Visit

A Munnar trip is not complete until and unless you visit a tea factory. On the way to Munnar Top station there are multiple tea factories. At Rs.100 per person entry fees, we can see the factory and know how tea powder is made from the tea leaves. We also became familiar with different types of tea – Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea. We never heard of white tea before, which costs a whopping Rs.14000 per kilo gram. We really wanted to buy it. But since it was out of stock, we had no option but to get the next best green tea. – Watch this Video on YouTube and Subscribe us for more travel videos!
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Tea Manufacturing Process

  1. Withering – The moisture in tea leaves are reduced to a required level
  2. Rolling – CTC(Crush, Tear, Curl) is the main process here. The tea leaves are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of sharp teeth that crush, tear, and curl the tea into small, hard pellets.
  3. Fermentation – Often called as oxidation and during this process the tea gets its flavour and aroma, while removing the bitter taste.
  4. Drying – Moisture content is reduced to 3-4%
  5. Sorting – Big and small leaf grades are sorted

Benefits of Tea

  1. Reduce chances of heart attack and stroke
  2. Aids in weight loss
  3. Increases bone strength
  4. Less caffeine than coffee
  5. Contains antioxidants
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