Parakovil Temple Trivandrum | Vettamukku Thirumala | Thrichakrapuram Sri Krishna Swamy Temple

Parakovil or Thrichakrapuram Sree Krishna Swamy Temple is very ancient temple with the main idol as Sree Krishna. Para kovil Thirumala was built before Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple around 5000 years ago by the Pandavas. Para kovil refers to Temple built on a rock and by the rocks.

It is believed to be constructed mainly by Bheema. The temple was said to be constructed in just one night for Droupathi for worshipping Lord Krishna. Para Kovil Thirumala( hrichakrapuram Sree Krishna Swamy Temple) is a small temple and gives a good view of the Trivandrum city from the top. – Watch this Video on YouTube and Subscribe us for more travel videos!
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As we mentioned earlier, the temple was built by Pandavas around 5000 years ago. The built it within a time span of 1 night for Droupathi(Panchali) to worship Lord Krishna. When the sun rose, the Pandavas could only complete 3 doors of the temple and 1 door still remains incomplete as it was left 5000 years back! Also it is said that there is a tunnel to the Sree Padmanabha swamy temple from the Para Kovil.

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There are around 110 steps to reach the temple from the road. It is not very difficult as the steps are nicely paved. The best thing is the positive vibes when you reach the top and the entire view of the Trivandrum city. We were lucky enough to witness the sunrise as well.

You can find a Big Rock near by the temple “Mani Para”(Bell Rock) They say that it was a stone Bheema got it from his dish while he was eating. And also it says that the stone came after the Pandavas set up their fire place.
Mani para contains treasure inside in it with Gold and diamonds.
The name Mani para came because if you knock the rock with some other stone, keeping your ears on the Mani para, a bell sound is produced by the rock. Climbing on top of the Manipara is a risky and cumbersome task.

The small temple has around 95 steps where the entire green Trivandrum can be seen. The temple had two small shrines, for Ganesha and Krishna. The entrance had a small wish tree also.

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About Thirumala
Thirumala is a suburb of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, India. The name is literally split into two, ‘Thiru’ ‘Mala’ meaning “Holy Hill” which refers to the hill on which an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to the god Krishna called Parakovil which is formally known as Thrichakrapuram S Thirumala is also a huge hill, the summit of which may be reached from the Killiar at Jagathy, top most point being Parakovil. | Travel Techies | Malayalam Vlog | Travel | Tech | Food |

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