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thetraveltechies.com | Travel Techies | Malayalam Vlog | Travel | Tech | Food | From Gruvayoor our next destination is Kozhikode and to be precise, the Kozhikode beach. The beach is visible from a long distance while we travel through the road. The beach is one of the longest beaches which extends from Beypore to Kappad and the other end of the shore is not visible from one end. There is a sea bridge (Kadalpalam) at the further end.

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The environment is very lively even on a Tuesday evening that makes Kappad different from other Beaches.This beach also got a part in the history of Kerala since the first explorer Vasco da gama landed in shores this beach.

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There are lots of street side eateries and restaurants nearby which serves sea food mainly.

Kozhikode Beach or Calicut Beach is a beach on the western side of Kozhikode, situated on the Malabar Coast of India. The beach is accessible through four road overbridges in the city. The beach has paved stones and illumination. There is one Lions Park for the children and an aquarium.

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