Vettucaud Church | വെട്ടുകാട് പള്ളി

One fine evening, we decided to head to the newly renovated Vettucaud church, which is an architecture marvel of Trivandrum. It is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever visited in my life. I used to visit this place from more than 10 years back. The newly renovated church is calm as well as peaceful and beautiful. The front side of the church faces the beach which adds to the beauty of it. Mesmerising! – Watch this Video on YouTube and Subscribe us!

The vettucaud church is also known as the Madre De Deus Church meaning Mother of God and is especially renowned among the pilgrims and tourists for the Feast of Christ the King celebration. Madre de Deus Church, bears tradition of more than 500 years.

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The annual feast of the church called ‘Feast of Christ, the King’, is attended by thousands of devotees. The feast is celebrated in the month of November. The last day of the feast is celebrated on the third Sunday of November every year. The grand feast is attended by thousands of devotees and is celebrated with a procession through the parish boundaries.

Vettukad is located 3 km North from Shanghumugham Beach and 5 km away from the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport.

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